Four Stage String Removal Ring Puzzle Game


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String It Together!

Be careful. This uniquely simple string removal game has been known to occupy hours of your time. Just remove the string by moving it through the four stages of wooden rings. It might sound easy, but we challenge you to try!

This puzzle game doesn't require extra strength or fancy tools to solve, just balance usage from both halves of your brain. It stimulates both creative and logical brain functions, all while you have fun attempting to remove the string.

Perfect for developing problem solving, logic, creativity, teamwork and early wisdom in kids. It's also a great way for adults to help pass down time at the office.

  • Challenge your kids in a fun, thought provoking way
  • Develops problem solving and logical mindsets
  • Teaches kids about never giving up 
  • Makes a great, unique gift for people of all ages
  • Hand crafted design made from Beech wood





Did You Know That...
  • The earliest known toys ever made were wooden
  • They were originally made to teach survival & family skills
  • Since 2013, wooden toys have had a surge in popularity
  • Parents love them as they take kids away from screens

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