Ring Tower Problem Solving Game (Tower of Hanoi)


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Test Your Skills To Transfer The Rings

It might look like an ordinary ring toss game but this Tower of Hanoi was made to test your logic & math skills. It can often be found in math textbooks everywhere, but now we've brought it to life for you!

Perfect for teaching children or students the basics of problem solving, when presented with a unique challenge or obstacle.

How To Play

Goal: Your goal is to transfer all of the colored rings from the red pillar onto either of the other two pillars in order of smallest to largest (top to bottom as pictured).

Rules: But of course there's a catch! You must transfer the pieces while ensuring that a larger ring never sits on top of a smaller ring.

Do you think you can do it? The Studio Galaxy record is 71 seconds!

  • Great for all ages & skill levels, use less rings for an easier challenge
  • Ideal tool for developing logic & problem solving skills
  • Teaches kids to have a never give up mindset
  • Compete with friends for the fastest times
  • A great gift that kids can enjoy forever
  • Hand made from Beech wood and vegetable based paint
  • Japanese Good Toy Committee selected toy





Did You Know That...
  • It was thought to be invented by mathematician Édouard Lucas
  • Another common name is the Towers of Brahma
  • It's based on a legend of priests moving disks in a monastery
  • The myth states that when they finished, the world would end

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