Mushroom Spinning Flip Top


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A New 'Spin' on this Classic Toy

Doesn't this little top resemble a cute button mushroom? Give it a spin and watch this top magically flip onto its axis as it spins away. This hand made top is perfect for filling gift bags or just plain old fun!

Available in a plain wood finish for kids to paint themselves or choose a multi-color pre-painted design.

  • A great tool for helping concentration and creativity
  • Beautiful hand-crafted design that's fun to look at
  • Play by yourself or with friends to beat spin times
  • Makes a great gift for kids & kidults





Did You Know That...
  • There is a mushroom that tastes identical to fried chicken
  • Mushrooms are more closely related to humans than plants
  • Mushrooms make a great meat substitute for vegetarians
  • Some wild mushrooms can be very poisonous to humans

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