Bath Time Wind-Up Swimming Crab


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Splish, Splash Around The Tub!

Just place this cute little crab into the bathtub and watch it scuttle around just like a real crab. Propelled by a wind up wooden propeller, give it a few turns and watch it swim sideways as if it was out at sea. Even kids that dislike bathing will have fun splashing away! It's even a great accessory for young kids who are scared of learning to swim.

It can even be used on land if the kids want to play and it's not quite bath time yet. While in water, use one rubber band but on land we recommend that you use two for more propulsion. Every now and then, exchange the rubber bands with new ones so that the crab swims like brand new.

  • Turn bath time into swimming with fun sea creatures
  • Helps demonstrate how cause and effect works 
  • Gets kids to get excited for bath time
  • Helps young kids who are scared of swimming to go into the water
  • Hand made from Beech wood
  • Winner of the 2015 Good Toy Award





Did You Know That...
  • Crabs walk and swim sideways when moving quickly
  • They are omnivores (eat both plants and meat)
  • Crabs work together when collecting food or protecting family
  • Crabs can slowly regrow their claws & legs

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