Steam Engine Oil For Wilesco Engines (15 ml)


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Keep Your Engines Running Smooth

Without steam engine oil - as probably every steam enthusiast knows - no steam engine is running. Regular and adequate oiling with original Wilesco steam engine oil ensures the smooth running of your engine and a long life of the product.

The oil is used to lubricate pistons and cylinders as well as all other bearings. It is important not to use any oil, because it may not be the correct consistency. Depending on the type of oil used, the oil may harden, be too tough or too thin.

That's why Wilesco offers its special steam engine oil whose composition is perfectly matched to all Wilesco steam engines. With Wilesco's steam engine oil you're engines are covered!




15 ml



    Did You Know That...
    • Wilesco originally produced cutlery in 1912
    • The first steam engine was made in 1698
    • Steam engines use hot water to drive pistons back & forth
    • Most steam engines heated the water by burning coal

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