Timothy & The Phubbers (Paperback) by Ken Kwek


Timothy & The Phubbers (Paperback) by Ken Kwek


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Silly, Irreverent...and Utterly Relatable

The fantastically funny debut novel by Singaporean filmmaker Ken Kwek is finally here! A fun and exciting read about learning to deal with bullies in this new technological world that we live in.

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Phubbing: The act of ignoring your companions while using a mobile device.

Timothy Pong has enough trouble at home without throwing his first year of secondary school into the mix. The Pong family only interact with each other through digital machines rather than human contact. Twelve-year-old Timothy is too young to own a phone, according to his mum, so he hasn't actually spoken to his family in years as he can't WhatsApp his parents or Snapchat his older sister.

Even worse, the most menacing bully in school, who also just happens to be the prettiest girl Timothy has ever seen, has plucked him out as her new favorite target. Luckily, Timothy has a few ideas up his sleeve to survive Secondary One, as well as the help of his undernourished friend Rudy, who, when not helping Timothy, can be found eating grass in the school field.

When their first plan goes horribly wrong and Timothy is caught on camera with his pants down - the most embarrassing three minutes of fame ever, the two friends must up their game if they're to expose the conniving Bella, ace their Science project, and learn how an old-fashioned camera they first mistook for a hairdryer might be the answer to their prayers.




12.9 x 19.8 cm (~240 pages)


Ken Kwek / Lolita Chiong



Did You Know That...
  • The story was inspired by people who are glued to their phones
  • It was written for the author's 7 year old son and his friends
  • This was Ken's first book, he's originally a screenwriter & director
  • Phubber is a real modern word, think phone + snubber

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