'The Scent of Flowers' Glitter Board Art by Numbers Kit
'The Scent of Flowers' Glitter Board Art by Numbers Kit
'The Scent of Flowers' Glitter Board Art by Numbers Kit


'The Scent of Flowers' Glitter Board Art by Numbers Kit


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Color by Numbers, With Glitter!

Flowers are the essence of natural beauty and are perfect for these glitter boards. Trust us when we say that your glitter board to bring these illustrations to life! Use the included glitter and crafting supplies to add a beautiful touch of life to four bucolic, floral themed illustrations. With your help, these floral designs will shine like no other.

How To?

Think color by numbers where you're coloring with glitter. Simply use the tool to remove the easy peel from your canvas and sprinkle the corresponding color of glitter that matches the number in your instruction booklet.

Use the brush to evenly spread glitter until the sticky area is fully covered. Rinse and repeat until all the numbered areas have been completed. All excess glitter can easily be poured back into the tube.

What you'll be left with is a beautifully printed illustration that's now come to life thanks to your help! Proudly display in your room, in your locker or anywhere you'd like to show off your new sparkling flowers. Not for children under 3 years old. 

  • 4 x Illustrated 'Scent of Flowers' glitter boards
  • 6 x Tubes of colorful glitter
  • 1 x Peeling tool
  • 1 x Picture instruction booklet




21 cm x 15 cm


Oana Befort



    Did You Know That...
    • The largest flower in the world is actually the stinkiest
    • In 17th century Holland, tulips were more valuable than gold
    • Bamboo actually flowers, but only once per year
    • Egyptians once believed the Lotus to be a symbol of immortality

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