Swirling Spinning Tops Variety Pack (12 Pieces)


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Watch The Colors Turn.

Your kids will be mesmerized while playing with these colorful spinning tops. Each has its own unique design that displays a radiant blend of colors or patterns when spun.

Spin them quickly or slowly. Each top is guaranteed to provide a rainbow-like illusion to the eyes, that seems to jump out three dimensionally. Younger kids will love the vivid show that these tops create as they spin simultaneously.

A perfect gift for siblings to play with together as it includes 12 different tops to spin.

  • Endless combinations of colorful visuals and designs
  • Great for keeping younger kids busy
  • Stimulates motor skills and visual centers of the brain
  • Hand made top designs from beech and plywood
  • Makes a great and unique gift for siblings





Did You Know That...
  • Tops stay balanced while spinning because of inertia
  • A top was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun
  • The oldest top is dated older than 1300 BC
  • Some ancient tops have been made from fruit, nuts & seeds

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