'So Pretty!' Foil Art by Numbers Kit
'So Pretty!' Foil Art by Numbers Kit
'So Pretty!' Foil Art by Numbers Kit


'So Pretty!' Foil Art by Numbers Kit


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Color by Numbers, With Foil!

Create pictures that glisten and shine with a Djeco Foil Picture Art Kit. The So Pretty kit contains four illustrations of women in abstract/artsy dresses in various backgrounds. Using a little tool, you slowly uncover parts of the picture to which you'll apply special foil paper.

How To?

So easy to do, you simply peel a section and apply the correct color of foil paper, colored side up. It sticks to the uncovered area and the picture will then glisten as if by magic! Rinse and repeat for the rest of the picture and you'll be left with an amazing picture that really shines in the light.

Your kids will be proud to display their finished art pieces in their rooms, on the fridge or even at school in their lockers. This kit stays faithful to Djeco's philosophy of incorporating art into play.

  • 4 x Illustrated 'So Pretty!' boards
  • 15 x Colored foil sheets
  • 1 x Peeling tool
  • 1 x Instructional coloring guide




21 cm x 15 cm


Elodie Nouhen



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    • The Queen is 1st to know about the birth of a royal baby (UK)
    • This baby's birth is signaled with a 62 gun salute (UK)
    • Royal children cannot wear pants until age 8 (UK)

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