'Scared Stiff' Felt Brush Art by Numbers Kit


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Bring Out Your Inner Creativity! 

These unique art kits are perfect for bringing out the creativity in your child. Use the included felt brushes to have a blast, coloring four wonderfully illustrated designs. Scared Stiff features four playful pirate themed designs, from travelling the high seas to looting chests for treasure on a deserted island.

Each brush is double sided, highly pigmented and features a felt tip for coloring and a fine tip for thin lines and outlines. The included booklet also shows tips on new coloring techniques to learn. Bring out the inner artist in your child, help grow their inner curiosity and most of all, have fun with a Djeco Coloring Kit!

Proudly display in your room, in your locker or anywhere you'd like to show off your newly colored art pieces.

  • 4 x 'Scared Stiff' blank illustrations
  • 7 x Double sided felt pens/brushes
  • 1 x Instructional coloring guide




21 cm x 15 cm


Steve Simpson



    Did You Know That...
    • Blackbeard was the most feared pirate of them all
    • The pirates' crossbones flag is called a Jolly Roger
    • A pirate's favorite drink was grog (water, rum, lemon juice, sugar)
    • Eye patches kept one eye accustomed to dark vision below deck

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