Remote Controlled (Wired) Rescue Crawler Assembly Kit


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To The Rescue!

The Tamiya R/C Rescue Crawler is great for kids and offers hours of endless enjoyment. Get creative, have a blast building your own robot crawler and watch it crawl over the roughest of surfaces. It's front 2 tracks can raise up to 80 degrees and lower as much as 20 degrees, allowing it to cross barriers that would stop a normal R/C vehicle. 

The rear-mounted crane arm is 
also controllable with the wired remote control, letting user pick up or drag objects, simulating actual rescue robot operations! 

  • Be creative and build your own unique crawler
  • Use the remote control to move forward, reverse, left & right
  • Front 2 tracks can raise up to 80 degrees and lower as much as 20 degrees
  • Crawler can cross over many different terrains
  • Removable rear hook connected to front 2 track units
  • 3-channel wired remote
  • Twin motor gearbox
  • Crank axle gearbox
  • Universal plate/arms
  • Track sprocket idler wheel

Everything needed for assembly is right in the box. Requires (2) D batteries (not included).





Did You Know That...
  • Many countries have specialized departments for rescue robotics
  • They are developed to help save victims or catastrophic disasters
  • These can include earthquakes, tsunamis, accidents & more
  • Rescue robots were used to search for victims of the 911 attacks

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