Red & Blue Nose Bear Wooden Baby Rattle


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Perfectly Made For Baby's Hands

This rattle is the perfect toy for the baby that's starting to grab and hold onto things. Made to perfectly fit into your little one's hands, it features a red and a blue ball between a cute bear's face that rattle together to keep baby busy.

He/she will love laughing & shaking this rattle while learning about the wide world around them.

  • Helps to occupy your baby and is a great form of early communication
  • Rattles when shaken back and forth
  • Perfect for bringing joy and laughter to your little one
  • Smooth hand made wooden design from European Beech
  • Vegetable based, child-safe paint
  • Great gift to celebrate the birth of a newborn in the family





Did You Know That...
  • Baby rattles can be dated back to over 2000 years ago
  • They were often embellished with gold & silver pieces
  • Babies need to mouth and chew for teeth to erupt
  • New baby teeth can actually be much sharper than you think

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