Rainbow Snakes Yo-Yo


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Spin the Snakes For A Rainbow of Colors

When this yo-yo spins, the snakes dance away to form a rainbow of colors. Yo-yos are an ancient, fascinating and complex toy, but perfect to help kids practice dexterity  skills like timing and balance. But of course they don't know that! Kids just think it's super fun as they learn and practice new tricks to show off to their friends.

This yo-yo has a wonderfully smooth finish, made from European Beech wood and features seven colorful snakes ready to go for a spin. Practicing and perfecting their yo-yo techniques is a great way expose kids to their inner potential and shows them the rewards that come when they put effort into something they enjoy.

  • Great handmade design, finished with attractive rainbow snakes design
  • Helps to refine skills such as timing and balance
  • Shows kids that dedication and practice pays off
  • A perfect toy for older siblings to bond with younger siblings
  • Unlimited possibilities for learning tricks and techniques
  • Gets kids away from being glued to the television





Did You Know That...
  • Yo-yos can be seen in Greek art, dating as far back as 500 BC
  • International yo-yo competitions are held every year
  • A yo-yo was taken into outer space in 1985
  • Yo-yos are especially popular in Japan

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