'Old Smoky' Steamroller Stationary/Mobile Steam Engine


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The Wilesco Steamroller 'Old Smoky'

Old Smokey was first produced in the 1960's as the first mobile steam engine in the Wilesco program. It was modeled after a widely used German steamroller which served in road construction in the 1950's and the color scheme hasn't been changed since then!

It is a wonderful and absolutely commendable memory of old times for all fans of steam engines.

Mobile & Stationary Use

It can be used as a mobile as well as a stationary steam roller. The catwalk, chain steering and transmission clutch are obvious details of Old Smoky. The clutch - operated by a pole on the left next to the driver's cab - allows the steamroller to be operated as a stationary steam engine. 

The Old Smoky with its 230 cm boiler is strong enough to pull accessories in mobile operation as well as propel drive models in stationary operation. The aluminum rollers of this steam roller are anodized and painted.

Indoor & Outdoor

Old Smoky is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Since it has a flywheel that can be launched in both directions, it can travel both forwards and backwards, steering via a timing chain. 

During operation, the chimney of the steamroller smokes true to the original. The run time with a load of original WITABS dry fuel is about 15 minutes. When using other dry fuel makes the run time may be slightly lower.

*This unit includes (2) WITABS dry fuel, so please remember to get the most out of your fuel usage before replenishment.




320 x 150 x 200 mm





    Did You Know That...
    • Wilesco originally produced cutlery in 1912
    • The first steam engine was made in 1698
    • Steam engines use hot water to drive pistons back & forth
    • Most steam engines heated the water by burning coal

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