Nature & Animal Stackable Blocks


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Stack 'em Low or Stack 'em High!

Djeco's Nature & Animal Blocks are a great educational gift for stimulating development in toddlers. Set includes ten blocks of varying sizes that can be stacked vertically up to 86 cm or lined up horizontally. Each block features a number and has a unique design, that is bright, colorful & features something from nature.

These toys are literal building blocks for early childhood development, and help children to discover the world around them. They can also assist children in developing motor skills, matching skills, help with learning the words of familiar objects & actions and assist with learning to count.

The blocks easily stack inside of each other for neat and tidy storage, and come in a cubed box, measuring 15 x 15 x 15 cm.

  • Blocks easily fit inside of each other
  • Literal building blocks for early childhood development
  • Helps with both cognitive and motor skills
  • Super cute designs including both animals 7 numbers
  • 10 x Stacking blocks of different sizes





Did You Know That...
  • The chicken is the closest living relative to the T-Rex
  • Cows have a memory that can last 3 years
  • Pigs roll in mud to cool down as they don't have sweat glands
  • A rabbit's nails and teeth never stop growing

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