Monkey Cube Puzzle


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Nine Pieces to Challenge Your Skills

This little puzzle is a great tool for building focus along with simple problem solving skills. While not as complex as a Rubix cube, this puzzle is great for younger kids and even some adults! The best part is that with a little effort, it doesn't feel impossible to solve.

Start off with the cube fully assembled, take it apart, shuffle the pieces and see if you can put it together again. Each piece is made to specifically fit into position with it's adjacent pieces, so there should be no jamming or friction if the pieces are in the correct positions.

Perfect for keeping kids occupied like during car rides or when extended family comes over to visit.

  • Great toy to help build focus, problem solving & other cognitive skills
  • Starts off assembled so the building blueprint is there before attempting to solve
  • Solid handcrafted wooden design, with accent pieces painted red
  • Gives a great feeling of accomplishment when solved
  • Perfect for keeping kids occupied as they put their minds to solving it with feel & logic





Did You Know That...
  • This toy gets its name as it's made from wood of the hoop pine
  • Hoop pine & its relatives are known as the monkey puzzle tree
  • This is due to spiny limbs that can 'puzzle a monkey to climb'
  • A close relative of the hoop pine is the national tree of Chile

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