Little Balancing Frogs Coordination Game


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Don't Let Your Frogs Fall Into The Pond!

Little Balancing is a cute little game to help encourage communication between parents and children. Themed around frogs in a pond, this game helps to develop dexterity & coordination in young children by balancing the frogs on the water lilies. 

Made for 2-4 players, players will balance water lilies on stands. As your child's skill develops, you can increase the height and amount of water lilies used.  Once a player runs out of stands, a frog is placed on top of the water lily to complete the tower.

If everything is left standing once the frog is placed, all players get a point.

  • A great game for young families to play (2-4 players)
  • Helps promote communication while having fun
  • Develops hand eye coordination
  • Promotes understanding of sharing, taking turns and working together
  • Helps children learn about cause/effect & risks/consequences




Did You Know That...
  • Frogs don't drink, they soak up water through their skin
  • Their vision is almost 360° so they can see all around them
  • It's a myth that frogs & toads can give humans warts
  • Frogs sleep with their eyes open, they never close their eyes

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