Line Tracing Robotic Snail II Assembly Kit


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Watch The Snail Follow The Line

This delightful kit constructs a model snail which follows its way leisurely along a black line drawn on a white paper surface, all the while waving its eyes adorably back and forth. When the snail finds a black line, its LED lights up green. It uses an infra-red LED and phototransistor to control the twin motors. 

The performance of the model can be adjusted using the speed switch (low or high) and sensor adjustment dial. Sensor, circuit board and motors come pre-wired. The kit requires screw attachment and some simple wiring to complete.

How It Works

When the sensor is positioned over a black line, the right motor moves into action, propelling the snail forwards and to the left. Once the sensor moves off of the line, the right motor stops and the left motor starts up, moving the snail forwards and to the right. When it finds the line again the process repeats, with the snail moving its way forward in this manner.

*Please note that the line should be at least 3 mm wide.

  • A fun, interactive and unique type of robot
  • The snail follows a black line that you draw yourself
  • See through body, observe all the cool robotics in action while the snail moves
  • Snail emits light from the LED underneath its body
  • Cool moving eyes for a real snail-like effect
  • Adjustable speeds to control the snail's movement
  • Easy snap-fit/screw together assembly with simple wiring required
  • Requires (2) AA batteries (not included)




176 mm


Smoke colored tinted ABS resin chassis & body


Pre-wired sensor, circuit board & motors



Did You Know That...
  • Snails can have lungs or gills depending on the species
  • Some snails can grow to be over a foot long
  • They are the exact same as a slug but with a shell
  • Their shells can be smooth or sometimes hairy

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