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Classic Pick Up Sticks

Pick up sticks is a simple, fun and challenging game that has been played for ages. The aim of the game is simply to pick up sticks of different point values without moving any others. Sounds easy right? We'll see about that.

Playing this game means sharing in something that has been played by many cultures throughout the world for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years!

Kids will love challenging their friends and family to this reinterpretation of a classic favorite. Rule book in several languages included. Made in France.




18 cm



Did You Know That...
  • Pick up sticks is believed to have originated long ago in China
  • They are part of the nursery rhyme 'One, Two, Buckle My Shoe'
  • The highest scoring stick is called 'Mikado' 
  • Mikado is the term that refers to the Emperor of Japan

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