Infinity Marble Rolling Game (Small Marbles Version)


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Infinite Fun for Kids!

Kids will love watching as they make these marbles roll in an infinite loop around the board. This unique toy helps kids to develop focus, fine motor skills & a sense of balance as they play.

Simply add the included marbles  and watch them roll as you pick up the board and move it around. Go, fast or go slow, it's up to you! Kids will have to control their fine movements so that the marbles don't go too fast, too slow, can pass buy one another at the intersection and don't fall out.

The Infinity Marble Rolling Game presents kids with a fun, interactive activity but presents them with unique challenges that they must adapt to as the marbles roll. Also great for adults as a stress relieving too to unwind an over-stressed mind.

  • Fun & interactive game that can occupy young kids for hours
  • Promotes focus & the control of balance and fine motor skills
  • Play with two people for an extra challenge to balancing the marbles
  • Smooth finish with colorful glass marbles
  • Winner of the 2011 Good Toy Award
  • Great for adults too as a stress relieving device

Please note: This item does include small parts that should not be handed to small children under the age of 3. Adult supervision required during play.





Did You Know That...
  • The infinity symbol looks like the number 8 turned sideways 
  • Infinity  comes from a Latin word meaning 'without end'
  • The original game of marbles goes back over 5000 years
  • There are marbles championships held around the world

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