Hatching Dinosaur Puzzle


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Will You Hatch The Baby Dinosaurs?

Whale Mountain toys has created a real treat for kids that love dinosaurs or reptiles. This high quality wooden puzzle has unlimited possibilities to foster the imagination of your child by stimulating all five senses.

With six iconic baby dinos to hatch, your child will love uncovering them from their eggs! Each baby dinosaur and its egg only fit into one egg shaped hole on the board. Kids love playing with this puzzle, but as an extra benefit, it stimulates cognitive development in young children and helps develop early problem solving skills.

So many ways to play, kids can also use the dinosaur pieces for imaginative games with their siblings or friends. Great for learning about sharing & friendship. Made from high quality Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress), this set is super durable and made to last so that your child can treasure it for years.

  • Stimulates learning through all five senses
  • Helps promote imagination and problem solving
  • Smells great and extra smooth to the touch
  • Wood is coated with flax seed oil to protect baby when he/she bites/licks
  • Six extra-cute baby dinosaurs to hatch
  • Great for teaching about animals, fossils & history
  • Makes a great celebratory gift for kids
  • Pteranodon
  • Triceratops
  • Stegosaurus
  • Brachiosaurus
  • Ankyrosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus 
  • Wooden board
  • 6 x Eggs (12pieces)





Did You Know That...
  • Dinosaurs lived during a period known as the Mesozoic Era
  • The largest dinosaur eggs were as large as basketballs
  • Most dinosaurs were actually vegetarians 
  • T-Rex however, ate over 20 tons of meat per year

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