Focus Up! Ball Maneuvering Skill Game (New Glass Ball Version)


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It's Focus Up! With a New Twist

A new and improved version of Focus Up! It's a deceivingly fun game once you get going. We say that because we know the feeling of putting in the effort getting the ball soooo close to our hole, only to mess up and have it drop into the wrong one while our friends laugh away haha!

Both kids and adults will love this one as they play together fighting a literal uphill battle. The best part is that it also helps your concentration as you play along, while helping to practice your balancing and fine motor movement skills.

This hand made, high quality wooden toy is truly unique, and definitely worth playing with family and friends! It's a blast and sets the stage for some hilarious game play. 

Perfect for family gatherings, game nights, birthday parties & more!

How To Play

Goal: There's really no right or wrong way to play. The objective is to maneuver the glass ball to drop into one of the colorful holes using the wooden handles. The catch is that it gets progressively harder as you move up the line because of the slope and varying hole positions.

Gameplay: Play by yourself or gather some friends or family members. Position the ball at the bottom of the slope with the handles closed. 

Choose which hole you'll be aiming for (you can pick randomly or draw from a hat). Now grab the handles and try to drop the ball into the chosen hole. Play for fun, assign points values to each hole or add a time limit; the type of game is completely up to you. After your turn ends, the other players repeat.

We can almost guarantee that players & spectators will have a blast laughing as everyone unknowingly builds up their concentration skills!

  • Helps build focus & concentration skills along with fine motor skills
  • Durable, hand made design from Elm wood with colorful glass balls
  • New and improved version of the original Focus Up!
  • Great for learning about sharing, as well as cooperative & competitive play
  • A unique piece that makes a great celebratory gift
  • Perfect for both kids and adults for game nights, birthdays and more





Did You Know That...
  • The earliest known toys ever made were wooden
  • They were originally made to teach survival & family skills
  • Since 2013, wooden toys have had a surge in popularity
  • Parents love them as they take kids away from screens

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