Floating Ball Game


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Levitate The Ball With Just Your Breath

Play against your friends and family to see who can float the ball the longest! Balance the Styrofoam ball on one end of the pipe and blow into the other. Your breath will lift the ball into the air and it will appear to others as if it's floating.

Try rotating the wooden pipe sideways as you blow. If you blow hard enough, you can keep the ball floating. Kids will love impressing their friends and family as they show off their ball floating skills. A classic toy! Set includes two Styrofoam balls.




14 x 6 x 3 cm



Did You Know That...
  • The shape of an object can cause it to float or sink
  • Objects float easier in salt water than in fresh water
  • Oil floats on top of water because it is less dense
  • Gravity is a major factor on whether an item sinks or floats

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