First Steps Twelve Wheel Pull Car


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Watch the Wheels Roll as Baby Takes Their First Steps

Listen to the gentle sounds as the wheels clatter, while your baby pulls this little car along with twists and turns. With wheels that roll forwards & backwards, your baby will progress from pulling to crawling and running with the toy itself.

The excitement of pulling and running with this toy will help your baby to understand how their actions relate to the space around them. Folding the wheels and poking at the colorful holes will intrigue your baby to play in a creative way which is vital for development. 

Your baby will have so much fun watching the car speed up and slow down, going forwards/backwards or turning in circles as he/she runs/crawls around your home. Babies will experience a feeling similar to freedom and joy playing with this toy as they begin to understand the world around them.

  • Babies all the way to terrible twos & threes will find this an intriguing toy
  • Watch your baby play as he/she takes it along for the ride
  • Develops both cognitive and physical developmental skills
  • Simple but clever design introduces kids to colors, shapes & layers
  • Hand made with extra-smooth wooden finish
  • Winner of the Good Toy Award





Did You Know That...
  • The first 'car' was more like a steam powered tricycle 
  • There are over thirty thousand parts in a car
  • More cars exist than people in the world
  • Cars are the most recycled product in the world

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