Vito The Elephant Pull Toy


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Take Vito for a Spin

Vito the playful elephant loves going out for walks! Your child with love pulling Vito by the hat as he/she explores the wide world around them. Vito's head bounces up and down as he rolls along for some additional realism to further stimulate your child.

Vito is perfect for helping your baby to develop balance as well as other movement skills with nothing but innocent fun. A breakaway clip release system on his lead ensures your toddler's safety while pulling him along.

Made in France from wood and illustrated by Swedish designer Ingela P. Arrhenius.




16 x 16 x 9 cm



Did You Know That...
  • Elephants are the largest mammals that live on land
  • An adult elephant cant drink over 60 gallons of water each day
  • A newborn elephant can weigh over 250 lbs
  • Elephants have terrible eyesight but a keen sense of smell

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