Crazy Animals Wooden Magnet Set


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Will You Create An All New Species?

What's more fun than playing with animals? How about mixing and matching them! Djeco's Crazy Animals is a set of eight animals split into three wooden pieces with a magnetic backing. Each piece has a beautiful animal graphic that has been thermally bonded to the wood for quality that will last!

Your child will love mixing the characters to make all new species! Get ready to invent brand new animal sounds for a 'Croco-frog or 'Cow-wolf. The designs are great for creative & developmental learning and are hilarious for parents.

The magnets can be displayed on the fridge, on a magnetic white board or even on your child's toy box. They're also a great way to introduce kids to puzzles and other creative, building games.

  • Mixing and matching is great for their imagination
  • Use as a learning toy to teach about different animals
  • Endless combinations of 8 crazy animals like seals and lions
  • Made from ply-wood with a magnetic backing
  • Thermally printed with non-toxic, child safe paint
  • The large pieces are great for small children who are learning about objects 
  • 8 x Magnetic Jungle Animals (24 pieces)





Did You Know That...
  • Tiger cubs stay with their mothers until 2 years old
  • Wolves are the largest members of the dog family
  • Hippopotamus comes from a Greek word meaning 'river horse'
  • Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles on earth

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