Circus Book of Illusions


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Movement as Illusion

The clown juggles with balls like a magician and the fireworks glow in their most attractive colors. The unique book produces moving pictures for you according to the Moire effect.

Everyone can discover this phenomenon for themselves by using the enclosed grid foil. Every motif is explained briefly in four languages (German, English, French and Italian).

In this way, optical and linguistic aspects are ideally combined. Please note that it is difficult to capture the effect through photos as the illusion happens through movement.




Takao Yoguchi



Did You Know That...
  • The original Roman circus featured chariot races & gladiators
  • The big top cover for circuses was only introduced in the 1800's
  • Circus performers usually have strange uncommon superstitions
  • Some clown schools are harder to enter than Harvard university

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