Cam-Program Robot Assembly Kit


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Your Own Programmable Robot

Are you ready to program your own robotic minion? Do you need a machine to answer to your every call & whim? Okay maybe it can't do that part but this assembly kit creates a robot whose movement can be programmed by the use of different cam parts.

Dual motors power triangular tracks and left/right arms in unison. Cams are inserted into the central program bar and as they are pushed through the model by the program bar gear, the position of the cams is translated to steering the legs, which are lifted off the surface and cause the robot's motion to change.

Program bars give approximately 35 seconds of movement and can be joined together for longer patterns. Includes everything needed for snap-fit/screw-together assembly.

  • Control the movement/performance of the robot with your own creativity
  • Stimulates deeper thought for action and result
  • Two motor powered gearboxes drive each track for powerful motion
  • Can be assembled in two different setups (straight line or on the spot pivot)
  • The effect of the cams will differ based on the setup for tons of movement patterns
  • Manual includes game ideas and challenges
  • Requires (1) AA battery (not included)




136 x 128 x 116 mm


Gun metal/orange



Did You Know That...
  • A robot that resembles a human is called an android
  • Robots are used in many industries from cleaning to health care
  • Robophobia is the irrational fear of robots or A.I.
  • Robot comes from a Czech word robota, meaning 'forced labor'

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