Aerial Wind-Up Tin Cableway (Red)


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A Classic Ride Through the Mountains

Kids and collectors alike will adore this classic tin toy. When wound up with the removable key, this ingenious clockwork cable car moves back & forth along its cable.

The beautiful gift box and classic winding key are also a real nostalgic treat for collectors to enjoy!

How To Use

Attach the enclosed string 5 m between two fixed points or hang it with the enclosed rubber rings. The superelevation on this length can be a maximum of 0.5 m. 

The brake must be in the "0" position when winding the car. The cable car will move in the direction of the keyhole. Place the cable car onto the cable and switch the brake to the "I" position to move the cable car.

  • Handcrafted tin metal toy with beautifully accurate details
  • Easy to wind key & spring loaded mechanism for real life movement
  • Highly collectible piece made to last with its superb quality
  • A perfect gift for kids and car enthusiasts
  • Awesome toy to stimulate imaginative play
  • Certified child-safe under European & international standards


Czech Republic


11.4 x 11.4 x 6.4 cm



Did You Know That...
  • Aerial trams are unable to turn corners
  • They are powered by a motor providing propulsion
  • The first operational tram was built in 1644
  • Trams are sometimes used to transport mining materials

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