Blue Elephant Standing Puzzle


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There's an Elephant in the Room. Actually There's a Few...

This cute little blue elephant is made up of even more cute little elephants. Its unique design and color are made to express the calm, gentle demeanor of the elephant. 

Each piece is hand made to fit perfectly together. When fully assembled, this magical sculpture stays together with interlocking pieces, unless forced apart.

Kids will love putting this three dimensional standing puzzle together! The simple behaviors of balancing the shapes, putting the colors in the right places & finding the correct angles helps to stimulate development in the right brain.

What this means is that through playing with this cute little elephant, children will be stimulated, enhancing their creativity, imagination, problem solving and motor skills & coordination. The two-tone design and unique ways to play make it appeal to kids of many ages.

  • Challenge your child's right brain through balancing and dexterity based playing
  • Hand made, unique, colorful and three dimensional design
  • Puzzle stays together unless forced apart
  • Looks like a polar bear at first glance, but made up of many small animals
  • Great for teaching kids about animals & endangered species
  • Winner of the 2011 Good Toy Award
  • Makes a great gift for celebratory occasions





Did You Know That...
  • Elephants are the largest mammals that live on land
  • An adult elephant cant drink over 60 gallons of water each day
  • A newborn elephant can weigh over 250 lbs
  • Elephants have terrible eyesight but a keen sense of smell

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