Blazing Mountain Sunrise Transparent Wooden Spinning Top


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Spin Em' for a Surprise!

You might look at this top and think 'I've never seen something like that before'. Well there's a good chance you probably haven't. These special wooden tops are hand made using natural wood and bold colors. But that's not all!

The magic really happens when they're spun. Give it a spin and watch a transparent illusion appear from the combination of the painted pattern & quick rotations. Kids will love spinning them while looking on, as the colors blend together to form a unique visual experience.

They're a real treat to look at and great for keeping the kids occupied but stimulated. This top creates the illusion of a blazing mountain sunrise.

Please note that the 'small' option features a green handle instead of the blue handle pictured (large).

  • Reveals a mesmerizing transparent illusion when spun
  • Selected for the Japanese Good Toy Award
  • Great toy to keep young kids occupied and stimulated
  • Makes a unique gift for kids of all ages
  • Hand crafted from natural wood





Did You Know That...
  • The sunrise is actually an illusion as the sun never actually leaves
  • Sunlight is white but appears colorful because of refraction
  • The sun rises in the east because of the earth's spin
  • The most vivid sunrises are often due to air pollution

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