Bath Time Fishing Set


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It's Bath Time For Your Little Fisherman

There's sea creatures everywhere, and now they've invaded your bathtub! Hand made from natural water resistant Hinoki wood (Japanese Cypress), these creatures of the deep have a naturally smooth texture, with no paint and float to the water's surface.

So many ways to play! At bath time, use the included fisherman's net to haul in your catch and let it go. Great for playing with parents or siblings to make bath time for exciting.

Outside of the bath, the pieces can be stacked together to create a standing puzzle display that has just the right amount of challenge for young kids.

When you're done playing, the pieces go right inside of the wooden box for easy storage. A perfect toy that's made to last, for kids that love the ocean and all its inhabitants.

  • Perfect for getting young kids excited for bath time
  • Cute hand made pieces, shaped like sea creatures
  • Durable, water resistant pieces that float to the surface for easy fishing
  • Wood is coated with flax seed oil to protect baby when he/she bites/licks
  • Multiple ways to play, in and out of water
  • Use to teach kids about the ocean, animals or about floating & sinking
  • Makes a great gift for celebratory occasions
  • 1 x Fishing net
  • 11 x Sea creatures (fishes, whales, seahorses, crabs & more)
  • 1 x Storage box (avoid getting this wet as wood may warp over time)





Did You Know That...
  • Sharks have lived on earth millions of years before dinosaurs
  • Starfish can regrow any limbs that have been lost
  • The blue whale is the largest living mammal 
  • Sea turtles cannot retract their legs and head into their shells

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