Army Painter

Army Painter Markerlight Laser Pointer # TL5045


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The Laser Pointer will show you exactly what your models can see - no matter the terrain or battlefield. No more discussions on a gaming table - point and shoot with precision!

The Army Painters Hobby & Model tool range has been tried and tested in the gaming community for many years. Although with their new and reduced prices they are arguably the best value tools on the market today.


  • With the Mega Brush Set, you get the very best Wargames Brushes available - fulfilling every aspect of painting. Includes Wargamer range brushes with natural fiber bristles - best quality brushes in the hobby industry!
  • INCLUDES: Insane Detail brush, Detail brush, Character brush, Regiment, Monster brush, Small Drybrush & Large Drybrush, Vehicle/Terrain Brush, The Psycho brush & the black-handled Kolinsky Masterclass Brush for FREE.
  • 10 top quality, hand made brushes - a specialized brush for any type of task!
  • The Army Painter offers a wide range of useful tools, paints, tufts and base details, all designed to fit a special purpose: help you make the best of your models and dioramas.

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