Army Painter

Army Painter Wargamer Brush Vehicle / Terrain # BR7011


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The Vehicle brush has a flat stiff end making it perfect for highligting edges on tanks and drybrushing anything from scenery to most vehicles.This brush has a triangular handle for better grip.

The Army Painters Hobby & Model tool range has been tried and tested in the gaming community for many years. Although with their new and reduced prices they are arguably the best value tools on the market today.


  • Quickshade Ink Wash: Flesh Wash has the perfect tone for shading lighter flesh tones.
  • Be it Dwarf, Elf, Historical or Sci-Fi miniature, the high quality Quickshade Ink series offers the best in conventional shading available to the wargaming scene.
  • Apply basecolour and give it a wash with the Flesh Tone Ð and the miniature comes to life.
  • Perfect results Ð every time.
  • The Army Painter offers a wide range of useful tools, paints, tufts and base details, all designed to fit a special purpose: help you make the best of your models and dioramas.

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