Vintage Diecast Mercedes Benz #1043 Wind-Up Micro Racer (Green)


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A Vintage Collectible Car in its Original Box

This Schuco collectible includes a diecast #1043 Mercedes Benz 2.5L 4" Micro Racer car with wind-up clockwork mechanism, key & instructions in its original box.

It features wind-up functionality with adjustable, precision steering, a rubber bumper/wheels and a working hand brake. A perfect gift for vintage car collectors or classic automobile enthusiasts.

Not intended for use as a toy, manufactured as a collectible piece.

Please note: This is a highly collectible toy as it is no longer produced by Schuco. It is in brand new condition despite its age. There may be naturally occurring wear on the packaging but all contents are in new condition.


West Germany


10 x 6 x 4 cm (box)



    Did You Know That...
    • The first 'car' was more like a steam powered tricycle 
    • There are over thirty thousand parts in a car
    • More cars exist than people in the world
    • Cars are the most recycled product in the world

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